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Personal Injury Litigation in
Houston, TX

At our law firm, we take fighting for our clients’ rights very seriously. When you reach out to us for personal injury litigation in  Houston, TX, we provide you with effective representation to help with your case. Whether you want to divorce your spouse or are seeking compensation after being injured in an automotive accident, we have you covered. Turn to us today to learn more about The Valenzuela Law Firm, PC and our legal services.

Meet Our Attorney

Attorney Javier Valenzuela is the founder of our firm. Having been in the legal field for over 18 years, the Texas native has helped many people resolve differences either through direct negotiation, mediation, or trial. He is a dedicated lawyer who is always professional when he works with his clients. 

Mr. Valenzuela’s track record speaks to his expertise. With more than ten years of civil litigation and trial experience, he has the ability to manage a high-capacity caseload. He also has the skills to practice in a variety of legal services in Houston, TX.

A Range of Services

At The Valenzuela Law Firm, PC, we understand that a one-size-fits-all service is very rarely of benefit to anyone. For this reason, we are proud to offer a range of services that are all tailored to fit the individual needs of yourself and your case. By taking your needs, requests, and wishes into account, we work diligently to ensure your satisfaction. And what’s more, Mr. Valenzuela offers his services in both English and Spanish, making him an ideal professional for a wide array of clients. By contacting us, you put our vast experience on your side.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injuries can be damaging in many ways both, in the short-term and the long-term. When you find yourself in a situation that has left you injured, you can rely on our personal injury litigation services to protect your rights and represent you to the fullest of our ability.


The divorce process is very rarely a smooth one, with emotional, financial, and legal speed bumps that can disrupt your life. With our assistance, you will be better equipped to navigate the numerous issues inherent to the process. You also put yourself in a better position to receive the justice to which you are entitled.

Contact The Valenzuela Law Firm, PC and learn more about our capable team. We serve throughout the Houston, TX, area.