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Your Guide to Divorce Law in
Houston, TX

There is nothing easy about ending a marriage. Not only is it emotionally challenging, but also you must contend with separating your finances, negotiating custody, and more. The Valenzuela Law Firm, PC, is here to make matters simpler and less stressful to you.

We’re your guide to uncontested and contested divorce law in Houston, TX. No matter what your situation may be, our mission is to help you obtain the best possible outcome so that you can move forward with your life.

Wise Counsel from a Professional

In any legal matter, including divorce, you need someone to represent you who has your best interests at heart. It may be cheaper for you and your spouse to hire one attorney. But remember, you are only one of two clients who that professional divorce attorney in Houston, TX, is representing. Your spouse would be the other.

Even in an amicable separation, many areas must be agreed upon. These include:

Child Custody
Child Visitation
Child Support
Division of Property

A Time to Reduce Your Burdens

Without a law degree, you could be cast adrift in the divorce process. There is a great deal of paperwork to fill out and file and many deadlines you must meet. Missing a deadline is not something a judge looks kindly upon, so you must take it on yourself to learn. Also, there are motions and delays, hearings, and appearances you must attend to unless you have a professional divorce attorney to represent you.

Let’s face it. Divorce is tough enough without taking on all of the legal tasks. You would be better off working your job, spending time with your children, and making moves to begin a new chapter in your life. Call us to schedule an initial consultation.

Experienced with Uncontested and Contested Divorces

After over 15 years of experience, our divorce attorneys have seen countless separations—both those that ended amicably and those that didn’t. However, no matter the circumstance, divorce is always difficult. We’re committed to easing your burden and protecting your interests throughout the legal process.

Through our strong legal representation, we help you settle such issues as the division of assets, child custody, and visitation rights while ensuring your rights are respected. Reach out today to get the legal assistance you deserve.

Get Started with a Consultation

Let us evaluate your situation to start the legal process. Contact our firm to request a consultation, and we will contact you to discuss your options during an initial 30-minute consultation. We’re also available to consult on a variety of other legal concerns, including personal injury law.